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Digital image processing

La Sala 1, digital image processing services, consultancy and development of customized solutions based on automated image analysis and manipulation processes.

NoGap 2D FilmScan 8K RAW

8K DCI RAW scanner for 35mm film in fragile state

The digitization of highly fragile film, a complex problem

As a Specialist Technician in the digital department of the Filmoteca de Cataluña Conservation and Preservation Center (2CR), I had the opportunity to explore the complexity associated with the correct advancement of film material through digitization systems when physical degradation affected the integrity of the film support. The challenges that arise in these cases may require the incorporation of alternative solutions, specifically adjusted to the characteristics of these exemplars, to enable the successful completion of the digitization processes.


Due to their design, the 35mm film scanners that we find on the market may not be designed to accommodate film in highly fragile states. In such equipment, the scanning process carries the possibility of causing physical damage to the material.

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Photorealistic 3D models

Elaboration of photorealistic 3D models from images. It is possible to capture small or large physical elements, such as buildings or landscapes, that would otherwise be very complex to scan.

Stereoscopic 360 Imaging

Representation or photographic reproduction of the environment

A 360-degree stereoscopic image is a controllable pan that takes advantage of binocular stereopsis theory to simulate the original point of view from which the image was generated while also providing spatial depth perception. This makes it easier for the user to better understand the visual information presented and effectively replicates the experience of physically being in the viewed environment.